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John Jahanshahi

A seasoned residential home designer, with many years of solid professional experience and training in this field. John’s portfolio includes re-modeling as well as newly built homes from ground up across the North Shore.

North Vancouver Home Design & Build

Building or Improving your Home is one of the most important decisions in your life.

I have proven my skills on those past projects.

  • Iconic Home Design.
  • Completion in under a year , Stress free.
  • On or below Budget

I am very particular with custom projects and I only accept one or two projects to maintain my proven track record and my goal of you moving into your new home in a timely fashion.

North Vancouver Home Design & Build

At North Vancouver Home Design & Build

All of our products meet the strictest standards of safety and quality. We refuse to sell low-quality materials to any of our clients.

Years of working at North Vancouver Home Design & Build

have taught us that a big part of building a strong foundation is choosing adequate products to work with. More importantly, we’re invested in keeping our clients safe through sturdy construction that will last a lifetime.

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